Hot Desking is a trending approach where you don’t have an assigned desk within an office, allowing you to share a space with other individuals. This has been proven to improve work productivity and helps form new relationships. Also, if your role requires you working on the road, Hot Desking is perfect as all you need is a laptop, phone and a Wi-Fi connection.

Since its launch, The Office Canteen has been the perfect networking hub for Worcester’s Hot Deskers. With FREE Wi-Fi, parking, food and drink available from 8am – 3pm.

We spoke to Gerard, Director of Free Agent 24-7, who regularly uses The Office Canteen to hot desk.

“The lovely guys and gals at The Office Canteen asked me why I consistently use their venue for my early morning start to the day. Here’s why:

I find the OC very comfortable and a pleasantly informal and stress-free space yet with a bustly vibrant atmosphere always full of nice people to meet and catch-up with and from all walks of life and business. Free Wi-Fi of course and the tea and toast is perfect.”

Stuck At Your Desk?!

Alternatively, if you are at a job which requires you to be at your desk all day, its important to try and stay active. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you!

1) Walk or bike to work.
2) Get moving at lunchtime.
3) Take the stairs.
4) Stretch regularly.
5) Sit on an exercise ball.

However, there are times where you just can’t get away from your desk. Don’t worry, here at The Office Canteen we have you covered with our delivery service.

This is perfect for when you are stuck at work, or if you feel like treating your staff. We can provide everything from sandwiches to hot meals.